How to Do Landmine Squats To Shape and Strengthen Your Glutes

Squats are one of the essential exercises we can do not only to shape and build your lower body, but also to gain muscle and increase flexibility.

However, doing a squat with proper form is not easy for everybody. In some cases, there are mobility, muscle imbalances, and joint issues that can get on the way.

Luckily, a landmine squat is a good way to learn proper form while reducing the load on your joints and your lower back.

Watch the wonderful fitmom Deanna Conrad, a Personal trainer, Group instructor, and a mom to 5 boys, how to do a landmine squat with a twist.

Video source: Instagram @dc_fitt_bloomington

To learn more about Deanna and see more of her workout videos, please follow her on Instagram @dc_fitt_bloomington

Fitness inspiration for busy moms!

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