How to Build Strong Legs Doing Sissy Squat Leg Extensions

As tempting as it may be to skip leg day, or to build only those glutes, the truth is that the more muscles you build, the better your whole body will perform and look.

If you want to have strong legs, you should build every muscle in your lower body, including the muscles on the front and rear of your legs, glutes, hips and core muscles.

The Sissy Squat is one of those exercises no one talks about but they should. It’s basically a leg extension and works primarily the quads muscles located on the upper front part of your leg, above your knee.

Most people, when it comes to building quads, immediately think of squats, and they are correct. But unlike squats, which engage quads and glutes at the same time, the Sissy Squats engages primarily the quads.

Like most classic exercises, there are unlimited variations to the Sissy Squat. You can do them without machines using only your body weight. You can use a Sissy Squat bench, or even a Smith Machine. You can use your own body weight, or you can grab a dumbell or a plate on each hand to add some extra resistance. If you are at a more advanced stage, you can use a barbell holding it with your arms at the front of your body or on your shoulders.

Keep in mind. Good form and proper technique are essential to do this exercise. It puts a lot of stress on your knees so be careful. Focus on good form first and add intensity as you progress.

One more benefit of this exercise is that, besides helping you develop strong quads, it will also build balance and core strength.

Sissy Squat Upright Position. Image courtesy @avaellesmom
Sissy Squat Down Position. Image courtesy @avaellesmom

Here is a video by Teresa @avaellesmom demonstrating how to do Sissy Squats using the bench. She is holding a disc in each hand, and as you can see, the exercise is not only working her quads but also her abs and other core muscles.

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Video source: @avaellesmom

So there you go, one more exercise to strengthen those legs.

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